General Incorporated Foundation CHIKYUJIN

Supporting member

We (=The General Incorporate Foundation CHIKYUJIN) form an alliance with a variety of corporation and educational institute for supporting for the foreign students and solicit for agreeing with our policy.

Supporting member

  1. Deliver newsletters
  2. Hold seminars
  3. Be published on the Web

Support the school

Intermediate service of CHIKYUJIN Study Abroad in Japan

  1. Supporting for selecting students
  2. Act for recruiting students
  3. Act for screening students
  4. Planning interview
  5. Check a document for application carefully
  6. Act for pre-training
  7. Serve as contacts between educational institute and local
  8. Act for establishing the identity of students

Cooperate with educational institute

  1. Act for airport transfer
  2. Arrange for a translator
  3. Supporting for managing trouble
  4. Supporting for acceptance of foreign nationality
  5. Supporting for dormitory house, rent
  6. Introduction of a purchase of cell phone
  7. Introduction of opening a bank account
  8. Introduction of part-time jobs

Support the corporations and organization

  1. Supporting for foreign internship program (Reception /Planning)
  2. Business tour overseas
  3. Supporting for conducting a public relations campaign in local
  4. Marketing assistance
  5. Counseling and Support for recruiting permanent employees and part-time employees