General Incorporated Foundation CHIKYUJIN

General Incorporated Foundation CHIKYUJIN



The characteristics of modern society is internationalization, globalization and hence I believe what is being questioned now is how to deal with some sort of paradigm shift.

Under these circumstances, the General Incorporate Foundation CHIKYUJIN is established in this occasion.

What is “CHIKYUJIN?” From the sound of the word, what is it that you are able to feel depends on each respective person.

I reckon the CHIKYUJIN that we conceive is about the promotion of a symbiotic movement.

In many countries of the Asian countries, great rivers are flowing. And, the rivers always flow without stagnation and change freely. I consider more or less these surreal river flows symbolize the CHIKYUJIN

For the river, there is no recognition of border. Also, river water supports the livelihoods of many people, but it does not aware of it. However, the river gives its benefits everywhere.

We at the foundation would like to be useful for the activities that are symbolized by the life of this river. Specifically, to foreign students who are studying in Japan and then contribute to the development of their homeland with knowledge and technology that were acquired; or getting the opportunity for having a higher education in Japan to become a researcher; or, interaction of Japanese culture that could not be possible in homeland that consequently contribute to mutual understanding and others between two countries. This foundation supports Asian students who desire to study in Japan because of a variety of motivations from all aspects. In this regard, I want this foundation to assist them to fulfill their “dreams.”

From the time to consider studying abroad to the time of studying in Japan, we provide assistance in application procedures, livelihood support, counseling and assist to troubleshoot other problems when living in Japan, and our assistance also extends to schooling in Japan until the return to home countries through the networks of “CHIKYUJIN” with the continuous practice of “symbiotic” movement. I reckon these are the missions of our foundation.

~ For smiling earth people ~

With Asian students, in the same field, to the students as the CHIKYUJIN, as the foundation to assist in realizing “you would surely fulfill the dream,” all our staff will join forces for that commitment.

I fervently ask for your support and cooperation.


For us, what everyone think in the sound of the words CHIKYUJIN, CHIKYUJIN? Some people thought an alien, some people thought the history of earth and mankind, some people thought biodiversity, also some people thought beyond race and religion and hence the world can be shared as CHIKYUJIN….

CHIKYUJIN has several meanings for us. First, we are convinced that everyone seeks happiness, richness that fits his/her body length; Second, we believe that by deepening understanding of each other, symbiosis is possible. Third, we reckon the first step is from you ”and” me, to the fusion of I “of” you. Also, in our CHIKYUJIN of mind, the basic philosophy is “we are all equal.”

On reflection, when put the eyes towards Japan’s social situation where the advancement of declining birthrate and a growing proportion of elderly people, by the middle of this century working-age population will reach 50%. Given this situation, starting with Asian countries, relationships with foreign countries become more important, especially it is desired to provide places of empathy to convey the attractiveness of Japan to the youth who will carry the next generation in foreign countries.

The CHIKYUJIN provides motivated young foreign youth the opportunity and place to “work while learning” in Japan, in absorbing Japan and Japanese mind, culture, technology, etc., and by extension it aims to cultivate human capital that will contribute to the development of their home countries.

Furthermore, this foundation places emphasis on what students would learn in Japan, how to think about designing one’s own future and others, to assist in resolving a variety of difficulties and problems that would be encountered while staying in Japan from the students’ standpoint, as well as providing livelihood support. These are being positioned as the most important function and activity of the foundation. For this purpose, the foundation has established a “SOS Call Center” in its office for facilitating overall support to international students.

Thank you everyone for your warm support and cooperation.

May 19, 2015

General Incorporated Foundation CHIKYUJIN
Representative of Founding Members
Shinichi Iwamoto