General Incorporated Foundation CHIKYUJIN Foreign Student Service Organization




CHKYUJIN 2013 October period student

Cambodia Phnom Penh
School Name:
Sakura Japanese School
(Go on to Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific Ocean University)

I came to Japan when I was 18 years old. We don’t have any electric trains in Cambodia so I was impressed with various wonderful things like skyscrapers and trains in Japan. I study Japanese hard with my 20 classmates every day. I had worked at manpower supply company from June 2014 to March 2015 and I had a lot of valuable experiences. The president of that company helped me a lot, I really appreciate his kindness.
I will study economics at Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University from this spring. I’m also trying hard to study this year. And I’d like to be a politician and a company’s president in Cambodia someday. Thank you very much everyone for always helping me.


CHIKYUJIN2012 July 7 period student

Filipino, San Jose
School Name:

I have always been interested in Japan. Amazed by its culture, language, people, art and technological prowess. It has been amazing so far to finally experience life in Japan. Before coming here, I have been hearing and reading lots of interesting things about Japan, but just like anywhere else, there are worrysome facts like how susceptible it is earthquakes due to geological disadvantages. However that didn’t stop me from coming here.
The first few months were indeed difficult and wonderful at the same time. With the constant huedle of KANJI characters making it slow and somewhat unnerving to move around alone so, I muster some courage and just go for trial and error which is most of the time an effective method to learn. It has always been a challenge since then. Another hurdle would be the prices of commodities as it has been notoriously high even in global standards. Finding very affordable places and things have been easy with the help of people around me and for that I am thankful. I really am grateful the my school’s helpful staff that understands our worries and looks out for us in many ways. I am still far from my goals, but as one inch towards it. I try to change and adapt for the better and for the future. I will continue further and will do my best. Aside from all of these,it has been great to see such,culture,meet respectful and wonderful people, visit beautiful place in this marvelous country with a challenging yet snblim language. I have no regrets.

PHAM THI THOM(25Years old)

CHIKYUJIN2012 July 7 period student

BAC NINH Province, Vietnam
School Name:
TOHO International College, Tokyo
(Currently I am studying Multimedia College)

I’ve been interested in Japanese culture and that’s because I came to Japan to study. CHIKYUJIN Study Abroad In Japan Program supports our daily life, work and school life in Japan so I chose CHIKYUJIN program. Currently, I’m working part-time at manpower supply company and having a precious experience in the office of Japanese company, I still have a lot of things to learn every day. I’m so glad that I chose CHIKYUJIN Study Abroad In Japan Program.


JITRAM entered to Japan in July 2015 through this program (CHIKYUJIN Study Abroad In Japan Program). While he goes to language school, he had gone on job hunting in Japan.
He succeeded by dint of effort. His dream is “I want to be engineer who is successful throughout the world.” He had been trying hard to fulfill his dream since he was in Nepal, studying Japanese language, learning about PC and program.
He hopes he will become by extension it aims to cultivate human capital that will contribute to the development of my home country. And I would like to produce a lot of information technology engineer. He wants our Foundation to give a big boost to them, too.
Thank you for your valuable experience that we are happy that we can share with our members.
Good luck! Mr. JITRAM

THANDAR AUNG(23Years old)

I like linguistic study very much.
I heard that Japan was peaceful, and all the Japanese were tender, I wanted to study abroad in Japan. I want to become a beautician.
I do my best and study Japanese and want to enter a school of higher grade in a beautician technical school.
Everybody who wants to study in Japan, at first I do my best, and, please study Japanese.