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Compliance with Current situation of foreign employment

Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare

「Employment situation of foreigners」Summary of reporting status(last of2017/10)
~Number of foreign workers is about 1.28 million.Updated record high since the reporting obligation
❖「Employment situation of foreigners」Summary of reporting status【Overview version】(last of2017/10)
❖「Employment situation of foreigners」Summary ofreporting status【Text】(last of2017/10)
❖ Pamphlet for rule of foreign employment
❖ Categories of foreigners working in Japan (Breakdown of total number of 1279 thousand people)
 1)Permitted to stay in Japan for work purposes who are Persons
 2)who persons are allowed to stay based on their status
 3)Technical Internship
 4)Specific activities
 5)Outside Activity (part-time job for foreign students etc.)